What happened to the Hall of Fame QBs?

Are we in a dead zone for quarterbacks getting into the Hall of Fame?
The last quarterbacks enshrined were Aikman and Moon in 2006.  That was only five years ago.....but, looking out over the next half dozen years, unless Drew Bledsoe sneaks in (I'm a big Bledsoe fan, but I think his enshrinement is highly unlikely) we could be looking at a 9-10 year gap between Aikman and Moon's enshrinements and the next likely candidates - Kurt Warner in 2014 and Brett Favre in 2015 (i think). 
And, assuming Brady and Manning play at least another five years apiece, after Favre, we'll probably have to wait another five years.
I've looked back to about the mid 70s, and the largest gap I could find was 6 years - between Dan Fouts in 1993 and Joe Montana in 2000. 
But, Montana's enshrinement was the first of a run that ended in 2006.  In those seven years, seven quarterbacks - Montana, John Elway, Jim Kelly, Dan Marino,  Steve Young, Aikman and Moon - were enshrined.
More research to follow.....

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