Potpourri of Super Bowl facts - some interesting, some completely useless (PART III)

Continuing my quest to be Gil Brandt when I grow up.

A few basic facts.

  • 11 teams have won multiple Super Bowls - including the Packers (3) and Steelers (6).

  • The other nine are the Patriots (3), Dolphins (2), Colts (2), Raiders (3), Broncos (2), Cowboys (5), Giants (3), Redskins (3) and San Francisco (5).

  • 10 quarterbacks have won at least two Super Bowls. Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw, Ben Roethlisberger, Tom Brady, Bob Griese, Jim Plunkett, John Elway, Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman and Joe Montana have all won at least two.

  • From the list above, only Plunkett is not in the hall if fame despite being eligible. Brady and Roethlisberger are not yet eligible.

  • The Cowboys and Steelers each gave two separate quarterbacks with at least two SB titles.

  • Brady and Aikman have three apiece - Montana And Bradshaw have four.

  • Starr, Bradshaw, Roethlisberger, Plunkett, Aikman and Montana were all undefeated while appearing in multiple Super Bowls.

  • SF is the only team with at least two appearances to be undefeated in the Super Bowl.

  • The Patriots, Dolphins and Broncos are the only teams on the list who won all of their Super Bowls with the same quarterback (a shiny nickel if you can decipher that last sentence).

  • Tom Brady, Bob Griese and John Elway are the only quarterbacks to lead the Pats, Dolphins and Broncos to Super Bowl titles.

  • The Giants, Redskins and Colts are the only teams to win multiple Super Bowls and have a different quarterback in each.

  • The Giants won with Phil Simms, Jeff Hostetler and The Giants won with Phil Simms, Jeff Hostetler and Eli Manning. The Skins won with Joe Theismann, Doug Williams and Mark Rypien. The Colts won with Johnny Unitas and Peyton Manning.

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